Leave a Living Legacy

LEAVE A LEGACY TO CONSERVATION through The Living City® Foundation.

Members of our Living City Circle make a planned gift for the long term health of the city. We work where you live. We work where you bring up your children and your grandchildren. With your help we will build a cleaner, greener, healthier city region.

We will work with you, your family and your advisors on a confidential basis to ensure that your personal, family, financial and philanthropic goals are met.

By making a planned gift, you can support conservation projects in the Toronto region forever! A planned gift is:

• A gift made after careful consideration through your financial or estate plan

• A gift that requires some type of legal documentation, for example, a Will or a life insurance policy

• A gift that is made from your assets, not your income

• A gift that has tax advantages under current laws

• A gift that is arranged now to provide funds to The Living City® Foundation at some time in the future

• A gift that will help make the Greater Toronto Area the most sustainable urban community in the world

There are many different ways to make a planned gift. And most importantly, planned gifts can be tailored to your personal and financial circumstances. The most common type of planned gift is a charitable bequest in your Will. However, more and more Canadians are realizing the benefits of giving through methods such as:

• Life Insurance

• Annuities

• Charitable Remainder Trust

• Publicly Traded Securities and Mutual Funds

• Residual Interest

• Real Estate

Planned gifts are easy to set up and they can provide you with:

• A personal legacy

• Philanthropic satisfaction

• Current and future tax savings

• Estate tax savings and planning benefits

• A lifetime income for you and/or your spouse

To find out more, download the following two documents:

What Is Planned Giving? -5,250KPDF icon
Charitable Will Bequest; Life Insurance; Gift - Plus Annuity; Charitable Remainder Trust; Publically Traded Securities and Mutual Funds; Residual Interest Gift, and Real Estate Gift.

Will Planning Guide - The Essentials -4,760KPDF icon
Why is Estate Planning so Important?; Taxes and Costs; How Do I Begin?; Safekeeping, Probate; and sample Charitable Bequest Language.

If you are considering a larger investment in Leaving a Living Legacy, please call Scott Fortnum at 416-667-6291 or email Scott at sfortnum@trca.on.ca. Thank You.

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