You can help us create a world where every child can learn, grow and play in nature. Your support is key to making our mission a success.

Donate $500 to send a class to Kortright.
Your donation will not only send a class from a low-income neighbourhood to Kortright for a day, but make a long lasting difference in the lives of children who may have never otherwise had an opportunity to take a walk in the woods, explore a creek or watch a deer in a field.

Donate $150 to help us Plant Trees along the Humber River.
Your donation will help us restore critically important habitat for wildlife, including the endangered Redside Dace.

Donate $100 to the Outdoor Classroom.
Help us create an enriching learning environment little minds can grow in nature. Our Outdoor Classroom will be an engaging learning space set amongst our existing mature pine trees.

Donate $50 to send a child to Forest School for a day.
When you make your donation you are not just helping to send a child to forest school, you’re doing so much more! You are helping children from low-income families build essential life skills, change their lives in a positive way and make their futures bright.

Donate $25 to provide therapy for a child with special needs.
Our “Therapy in the Woods” program provides much needed therapy for children ages 3-5 years. Your donation will help a young child develop critically important skills like learning to walk, improving their balance and fostering a lifelong habit of physical activity that is appropriate to their abilities.